Further signs of China’s event sector rebound as EXPO reopens in Liaoning

The reopening of a large exhibition and meeting venue in northeast China is yet another sign of China’s resurgent exhibition sector.

The Shenyang New World EXPO in Liaoning province’s capital has experienced a surge of renewed event bookings as the impact of COVID-19 decreases within the region.

“I am confident the rapidly booked activity following our reopening in late July clearly indicates that the demand for such venues throughout the region, as well as within all of China, is significant,” said EXPO general manager Diane Chen.

EXPO has hosted 16 events in the last four-month period at what was initially thought to be a risky time. The ultimate reopening followed several attempts to reopen during the summer that were interrupted by four different delays due to new outbreaks of COVID-19 within the region. However, once open, event attendance during the period was 190,905 with no reports of health issues during or following the events.

The event mix included exhibitions, meetings, smaller local and regional events, and the prominent China Korea Investment and Trade Expo and concurrent Liaoning International Fair for Investment and Trade drawing a cumulative attendance of 68,365 during the 11-17 November event period.