From Woodstock to deadstock as iconic music festival reboot pulls the plug

Nostalgia for the iconic music event that defined the 1960s was not enough to save the troubled 50th anniversary event planned for August in Maryland.

The Woodstock 50th anniversary music festival was officially cancelled on Wednesday, with organisers blaming a series of “unforeseen setbacks”.

The organisers were forced to move venues after an “unfortunate dispute” with a financial partner and subsequent legal proceedings, according to Woodstock 50 principal Greg Peck, who claimed that they simply ran out of time.

“The timing meant we had few choices where our artists would be able to perform. We worked hard to find a way to produce a proper tribute – and some great artists came aboard over the last week to support Woodstock 50 – but time simply ran short,” he said.

One of the original producers of the 1969 event, Michael Lang, said “a series of unforeseen setbacks has made it impossible to put on the festival we imagined”.

“We are saddened that with the great line-up we had booked and the social engagement we were anticipating,” Lang said.

The last few months saw a litany of challenges including being turned down at two proposed sites in upstate New York and losing headliners including rapper Jay-Z and pop star Miley Cyrus.

Tickets never went on sale for the festival which had been scaled-down to a free event at an amphitheatre.