Five hospitalised in Pamplona festival’s first bull run of the year

Spain’s iconic and controversial bull running festival has already seen five people hospitalised on its first day.

The San Fermin festival is held every year in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona, attracting huge crowds, despite of or because of, the numerous injuries sustained by the runners.

This year five people were taken to hospital, including one who had been gored in the neck, while 48 more were treated by the Red Cross. There are still eight more days to go.

The festival is dogged by controversy with animal rights groups protesting what they see as a barbaric spectacle, with the bulls running through the streets each the morning before they are killed in afternoon bullfights.

The running of the bulls draws about 1 million spectators from around the world to Pamplona every year.

This year’s first run lasted just two minutes and 41 seconds. No-one has died at Pamplona’s San Fermin festival since Spaniard Daniel Jimeno was gored in the neck by a bull in 2009.