Festival industry calls for ‘immediate’ safety roundtable

The music festival industry is calling for urgent collaboration with the NSW government to develop a new set of safety protocols for festivals before the summer circuit kicks off.

Industry groups Live Performance Australia and the Australian Festival Association urged the NSW government to “immediately convene a roundtable to discuss regulation and safety at music festivals”.

“We need to make sure we do all that we can to ensure festival safety,” Live Performance Australia chief executive Evelyn Richardson told The Sydney Morning Herald. “This needs to happen now.”

Australian Festival Association general manager Julia Robinson said a roundtable discussion was the best way to find a path towards “better regulation”.

“We’ve got an opportunity to look at this with fresh eyes, and with the benefit of the findings from the inquest,” she said. “That is what we should take to the roundtable to discuss.”

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has not indicated a willingness to work with the industry yet, saying the voting down of the legislation was “grossly irresponsible”.