Female urinal aims for ‘pee-quality’ at festivals

A French architect has unveiled her design for a new female urinal that she hopes will end gender toilet inequality at festivals.

The long queue for female toilets at events has long been accepted as part of the deal. But Copenhagen-based Gina Périer’s company is rolling out Lapee, which she claims is the world’s first industrially-produced female urinal, at a music festival in Denmark.

“When we were here on Saturday and Sunday, it was only used by girls and they were so happy,” she told the Guardian.

“We were spammed by Instagram messages. They were all saying ‘finally, something for us’, because it’s so degrading for women, the situation of urination.”

The Lapee is a single moulded urinal unit with built-in storage tank and adapts it for women by extending the divider to screen the user off, lifting it up and raising the hole into which you pee.

With three women able to visit at a time and no door, the makers claim it is six times faster to use than a standard cabin toilet.

“We wanted to create the female version of a product which exists all over the world,” she said.

“I don’t think it’s that complicated to make a urinal for women. I just think it was something which was designed by men and they only thought about themselves.”