FCM unveils revamped global travel management platform

Global travel management company FCM has launched a preview of its new proprietary platform.

Developed in response to a rapidly evolving business travel landscape, this latest initiative reflects the company’s accelerated investment in technology to address the future requirements of a multi-national customer base that stretches over 100 countries.

Following a successful and productive testing phase, demos are now being offered to prospective clients.

“As the world has changed, so have the challenges our clients face too,” said Marcus Eklund, FCM’s managing director.

“With geographically dispersed operations and a remote workforce the new norm, our travel management solution has been purposely designed for the digitally savvy workforce, offering a powerful suite of digital tools and dashboards that puts travel managers, arrangers, and travellers firmly in control.

“We are excited to offer the global business travel community a first-look of our proprietary platform while introducing a few of its many innovative features.”

The new FCM platform is already piloting with a growing number of global clients, and it is expected that new customers will have access from early 2022.