FCM Meetings & Events launches ‘Ideas Exchange’

FCM Meetings & Events will launch a new-look ‘Ideas Exchange’ specific to the MICE and travel industry in conjunction with Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

“Based on the concept of a salon, we’ve curated a highly interactive experience that holds space for informal learning and discussion,” said FCM Meetings & Events creative director Joshua Mason Browne.

“Our aim is to inspire collaborative action and tackle the big questions together of where we are going to, next.

“The ‘Ideas Exchange’ is a new series of experiences connecting our customers, event partners and thought leaders together for a dinner gathering, with purpose.”

FCM Meetings & Events general manager Simone Seilor said one of the most exciting aspects was the fact the event would be taking place in-person.

“We know businesses have been starved of seeing their employees, clients, and potential future customers,” she said.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer the opportunity for true non-virtual collaboration for the first time in a long time.

“The power of being able to interact on a personal basis can’t be underestimated and the constant feedback we’ve received is that professionals have achieved more in a day of face-to-face activities than they would in a month’s worth of Zoom and Teams meetings.

“We already have some fantastic brands in attendance, and we’re really excited to deliver our three chapter markers of community and purpose, technology and content culture, and audience confidence.”

The invitation-only in-person event will take place at Alexandria’s The Venue in Sydney on March 3.