FCM Consulting appoints Florian Mueller to lead new Aviation Practice

FCM Consulting
FCM Consulting has appointed Florian Mueller as Aviation Practice Lead.

FCM Consulting has named Florian Mueller as its new Aviation Practice Lead as part of a strategic expansion of the business’s capabilities across key industry verticals.

New York-based Mueller will be responsible for devising strategies to help clients reshape and improve their programmes in response to the complexity of air travel in post-pandemic times.

Mueller previously worked for the Lufthansa Airline Group, where he held various positions including GM of the Americas for Austrian Airlines. Before joining FCM in 2019, he led US corporate sales for leading global carrier Emirates.

“Florian’s appointment, alongside the creation of a new globalised specialist practice within FCM Consulting, reflects the importance businesses are placing on programme air strategy,” said Jo Lloyd, global account management and consulting director.

“In these times of increased volatility in the sector, businesses are increasingly having to balance their air travel requirements with multiple considerations.

“With Florian’s tremendous industry know-how and exceptional capabilities, he will prove invaluable in providing deep insight and solutions to address these concerns with our clients and help to lead the way on how FCM Consulting globally supports them in these challenging times.”