Expertise Events keeps it in the family with new general manager

Expertise Events
(L-R) Zac and Gary Fitz-Roy.

Expertise Events has appointed Zac Fitz-Roy as general manager, leading the company’s day to day operations.

“To a large extent, especially during the last passage of time, Zac, like all of us, has had to perform a number of cross over responsibilities so this is a natural progression and makes way for him to take over the running of the business,” said founder and managing director Gary Fitz-Roy.

“Whilst I intend to remain in the business, technology and the ways of working have increasingly changed and having a young, energised manager can only be a good thing especially as we look towards the future.”

Gary Fitz-Roy said Expertise Events is a family business and intends to keep it that way.

“Values are passed on from generation to generation, whilst each new leader will have their own take which meets the changing market,” he said.

“As a family business our succession is being consolidated and cemented with our oldest son, with Zac taking the lead to assume the running of the business.

“We continue to celebrate the positives and despite being kicked due to the pandemic, we remain focussed and committed to rebuild and ensure our family legacy lives on for many generations to come.”

Expertise Events runs events such as The International Jewellery Fair, Oz Comic Con, Craft & Quilt Fairs, Australasian Quilt Convention, Gift & Lifestyle and new events such as AUSjet to name a few.