‘Everything had changed’, Best Western Australasia stays nimble in Covid-19 crisis

Best Western Plus Travel Inn, Carlton, has been making regular donations of morning teas and lunches, to their local fever clinic, the intensive care unit at St Vincent’s Hospital.

Best Western Australasia has introduced a wide range of new initiatives to enable its 100 hotels across Australia and New Zealand to cope with the impact of the Covid 19 crisis.

In turn, many of the group’s hotels have been adapting their business delivery and supporting their local communities.

Best Western Australasia managing director Graham Perry said that to ensure the continued viability of the group’s independently owned and operated hotels, it was essential to adapt and take immediate action.

“The status quo was no longer relevant; we were no longer just Australia talking about recovery from bushfires, drought and floods,” he said. “This was much bigger; the whole world had changed.

“Since the middle of March, the senior team has convened daily, enabling us to review the unfolding facts, debate the consequences and react as one by implementing a range of measures to sustain our hotels.

“We’ve become a highly nimble and responsive group, delivering comprehensive and ongoing innovations and support as and when required to help our hotels remain open and perform as best they can.”

Some of the measures included providing significant fee relief with Best Western waiving 50 per cent of fees for current hotels.

“Pleasingly, with Best Western support and the individual efforts of our hotels all Best Western’s Australasian hotels have remained open and all BWA staff remain in place, albeit all on significantly reduced salaries,” said Perry.