EPA releases new noise guide for music venues and events in Victoria


The EPA has released a new guide to help venues, festivals and music events in Victoria navigate the laws around noise limits.

The EPA’s new Entertainment Venue and Outdoor Event Music Noise Guidelines explain the laws, the limits and just how late the music can keep going.

“We’ve been talking to the music and events industry and removed the need for multiple permits for events that run for several days,” said EPA CEO Lee Miezis.

“We recognise paperwork doesn’t reduce noise, so we redesigned the permit process to take the complications out while keeping in protections for the public and environment.”

Changes to the revamped Environment Protection Act 2017 two years ago altered the way noise emissions are assessed and managed and set more sensible expectations for Victoria’s live music industry.

The 2021 legislation retained noise limits and introduced new decision-making processes to decide when noise becomes noise pollution.

“Where we can protect the public and environment while making it easier for the operators to comply with regulations, that’s a win for everybody,” Miezis said.