Entries open for The Australian Event Awards 2021

Last year's Australian Event Awards was held simultaneously at various hubs around the nation.

The Australian Event Awards 2021 has opened for entries after reaching out to the industry for input on whether it should go ahead and what it should look like.

One of the key findings was that the awards should proceed but with a substantial rework to reflect the nature of the changed industry, including recognition of the struggles of the industry, the achievements and resilience of all players in surviving the challenges brought about by Covid-19.

“The resounding support and encouragement that we received from the industry was fantastic to see,” said Ian Steigrad, managing director of the Awards.

“We will strive to do whatever we can to acknowledge the resilience and accomplishments of our industry.”

The Event Awards have made changes to the list of categories to reflect the industry as it is in 2021.

Events Virtual, hybrid or live events, technical triumphs, design, service and organisational achievements from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 are able to enter the 2021 Awards.

“In 2020 we saw an impressive array of entries come through despite the effects of Covid-19,” said Peter Rix, Co-Chair of the Judging Panel.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Event Awards 2021 will be even better.”.

New additions to the Best Event categories in 2021 include Best Live or Hybrid Public Event / Best Virtual Public Event which recognises sporting events, tourism events, festivals and public exhibitions that provide an innovative experience for the public and demonstrate excellence in their event delivery.

Furthermore, Best Live or Hybrid Brand Event / Best Virtual Brand Event has been introduced in 2021 to recognise events designed to further the brand of a client by increasing sales, building brand loyalty or launching a new product.

In the Achievement sphere, the Event Awards have strived to be inclusive of innovations relating to the delivery of virtual (or hybrid) events. Specifically, Best Online Event Delivery Platform recognises an online platform that has demonstrated an outstanding and innovative achievement and has benefitted the industry.

Likewise, Best Achievement in Studio Management has been introduced in 2021 to recognise exceptional studio management that has enhanced and supported the delivery of an event.

The Headline Categories have largely remained the same in 2021 aiming to recognise small or large event management organisations that have delivered events at an exceptional level since 1 July 2020.

“The 2021 categories aim to be inclusive of all types of event delivery and to reflect the way the industry now operates,” said Brenda LaPorte, Co-Chair of the Judging Panel.

“This will provide an opportunity for those who have produced virtual, hybrid or live events to showcase their accomplishments, highlight their innovations and acknowledge the changes they have had to make.”

In 2021, the Australian Event Awards will also strive to recognise the achievements and resilience of the industry by making October ‘Australian Event Industry Month.’

“Australian Events Industry Month is a fantastic initiative, not just for the Event Awards but for the Australian Events community as a whole,” said LaPorte.

“I strongly urge everyone in the industry to find ways to participate in this concept and make October a month for the industry to reflect and celebrate as one.”

The Australian Event Industry Month will culminate in the Awards Ceremony held at the end of October.