‘Energised again’ FCM Meetings & Events set for rebound year

FCM Meetings & Events is set for a rebound year in 2022 with more than 90 per cent of business bookings coming from corporates wanting an in-person experience.

Based on preliminary booking data for 2022, FCM Meetings & Events will be managing a corporate occasion every three days next year, with business confidence beginning to flow as borders reopen across Australia thanks to a high level of vaccination rates.

“We chose to keep moving forward day-by-day united as a team, despite all the challenges that came our way,” said FCM Meetings & Events general manager Simone Seiler.

“We took the chance to realign ourselves and embraced the changing needs of our customers

“This has not only renewed our confidence as a business and within the market – it has truly excited us about what’s ahead.

“The business world is energised again and so are our teams.”

Co-founder of the Behaviour Report, Dan Gregory, said that face-to-face meetings, company events, and conferences will be critical for business recovery in the new year and beyond.

“Businesses and employees are now at a crossroads when it comes to travel, but what I can tell you is that people have been desperate for some sense of normality, and there’s a real desire for some form of human interaction and face-to-face communication again,” Gregory said.

“Face-to-face meetings are critical to business recovery because you need to be exposed to real people and their quirks – we don’t get the non-verbal cues via Zoom or Teams, and you don’t get to hear the real timber in someone’s voice.

“Let’s be honest, multi-million-dollar deals aren’t going to be done virtually, people want to be comfortable with knowing who they are getting into business with before signing a contract. That’s where the casual chit-chat aside from official meetings remain crucial.”