Encore launches video conferencing with a focus on service

Encore have launched a video conferencing service that is fully supported by a technical assistant, regardless of how big or small the conference is.

Encore Connect provides dedicated technical support including testing of audio and visuals prior to the start of the conference, setting up a meeting room early and allowing presenters to become familiar with the technology.

The technician can assist at large conferences connecting a remote speaker on the big screen, ensuring they appear perfectly on screen. Further, event organisers receive a recording of the presentation or meeting to share with attendees or stakeholders as required.

“Meetings can be pressured environments and people just want to get on with their agenda. Event planners and MCs have enough to think about without having to work out the technical aspects, particularly if they don’t use it frequently or the remote speaker is having difficulties from their location,” said Andrew MacColl, director of innovation at Encore

“That’s why with our new service, clients can simply get on with their event while we deliver the best video conference experience every time.

“Although video conferencing may not be new, we are doing it differently, our high level service is designed to ensure total satisfaction and seamless connections with every event delivered.”