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Dubbo Stampede organisers look to hold ‘virtual’ marathon

The organisers of multi-race marathon the Dubbo Stampede are looking to hold a “virtual” event after the Taronga Western Plains Zoo was unable to host this year due to Covid-19.

Dubbo Stampede vice president Katie Lyons told the Daily Liberal they decided to something different in order “to ensure we keep everyone safe”.

“We decided early on we wanted to do our best to keep the spirit of the stampede alive and move to a virtual event, so that everyone can still compete and if by August, things aren’t yet back to normal or where we’d need them to be, we can still have our athletes and our runners competing,” she said.

Lyons said there was still flexibility regarding the format depending on what sort of restrictions are in place the Stampede’s start date of August 30.

“Even if things do get back to normal, we can still have an event and maybe then people will be able to run together in small groups or something like that, but no matter what, it’ll all be happening on that same day of August 30,” Lyons said.

Registrations are set to open shortly, with participants able to nominate for all the different events they could last year.

“You do the run yourself, wherever you want to and you send in the evidence to us, it is a bit of an honesty system given we are such an inclusive event, but runners who have their timing techniques or sports watches, GPS on their phone can use those methods and send in proof,” said Lyons.

“We’re going to try and encourage people to do it roughly the same time as they normally would, in their own place and space and run their event, if by then we’re allowed to organise in small groups, then people can run as small groups.

“Even if we’re apart, getting out there ‘together’ will be nice.”