Do outdoor events spread Covid? England is set to find out

Around 5,000 people attended an outdoor music festival in the UK without any face masks or social distancing and all in the name of science.

The event in Liverpool was held as an experiment to test whether Covid could be spread by similar events.

Under current restrictions in England a maximum of six people are allowed to meet outside.

The attendees, who were all aged between18 to 20, had to have tested negative to Covid and agreed to be tested again five days later.

Their data will be used by the government’s Events Research Programme to help understand the effect of crowds on the spread of the virus.

Speaking to Reuters, Melvin Benn, managing director of Festival Republic, said he hoped this pilot event would help bring outdoor events back for summer.

“It actually feels remarkably normal, although it hasn’t felt normal getting to here,” he said.

“But actually now it’s here it feels like we can come back to this and it can be normal and we can make it all work.”