Digger rampage as UK Travelodge lobby destroyed by disgruntled worker

When you’re mad as hell and you just can’t take it anymore – smash the lobby of new hotel.

That’s what one disgruntled worker did in the UK, when he slammed a digger into a brand new hotel after claiming he hadn’t been paid his wages.

Luckily somebody was there to film it. The video of the as yet unidentified worker wrecking a new Travelodge hotel in Liverpool has unsurprisingly gone viral.

The incident is believed to have been sparked by over £600 ($1080) worth of unpaid wages.

Dozens of horrified co-workers look on as the digger smashes its way into the newly built hotel lobby and proceeds to wreck everything in sight.

Sone co-workers understood his pain. One co-worker can be heard shouting: “That’s what happens when people don’t pay your wages, mate. You just don’t sh*t on the job.” Another calls out; “All you had to do was pay him f***ing £600.”

Never a truer word said.