‘Deranged’ hijacker killed on route to Dubai

A man who tried to hijack a plane heading from Bangladesh to Dubai has been shot dead after commandos stormed the plane after making an emergency landing in Chittagong.

The “psychologically deranged” Bangladeshi man in his mid-20s brandished what was later found to be a toy gun, declaring he had a “personal issue with his wife”.

The man wanted to speak to Bangladesh’s Prime Minister claiming “a film actress had refused to marry him”.

“Our commando team asked the hijacker to surrender, but he rejected it by being aggressive and was shot,” said army spokesman Major General Motiur Rahman.

“Later on we learnt he had died … We found a pistol from him and nothing else.”

The man had also claimed to have a bomb aboard the flight, according to the country’s civil aviation chief, Nayeem Hasan.

“From the talks and dialogue we have with him, it seems he is psychologically deranged,” he said.

The 134 passengers and 14 crew aboard the Bangladesh Biman flight were all rescued unharmed.