‘Depressing’ SA Tourism ad a ‘terrible mistake’

A sad old man weeping in a fedora is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of South Australia, but it will be now thanks to the latest ad by the South Australian Tourism Commission.

The ‘Don’t Feel Sorry For Old Mate…’ ad, yes that really is the title, features a solitary old man breaking down into tears, while the narrator mocks him for not coming to South Australia sooner.

Whether the ad implies that South Australians are heartless bastards or that visiting will simply leave you sadder than watching Steel Magnolias is not clear.

SA Tourism Commission marketing executive director Brent Hill said the campaign was “designed to get people talking”.

And talk they did, describing it as a “terrible mistake”, “ageist”, “depressing”, “sad”, “horrible” and “just shocking”.

Hill defended it by saying; “You’d be crazy if you made an ad like this and didn’t expect to get some response”.

“That’s obviously what it was designed to do — we definitely wanted to put something out there that was getting a message across,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide. “We knew it wasn’t going to be of everyone’s cup of tea.”

It’s not a cup of tea, it’s a mug of schadenfreude. So sit back and enjoy.