David Walsh kills off summer festival Mona Foma after 16 year run


Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) founder David Walsh has pulled the plug on his long running summer festival Mona Foma.

The festival has been a staple on Tasmania’s major event list since 2009, but Walsh said its time had come.

“Mona Foma took us around the world. But it ends here,” he said.

“Maybe the end started at Covid. Maybe it’s because the last festival was a poorly attended artistic triumph. But those aren’t the reasons I killed it.

“I know that we live for experience but, more and more, I seek permanence, a symbolic immortality. At Mona, I’m building this big thing, hopefully it’ll be a good thing, but it’s a costly thing. I’m addicted to building, and my addiction got out of hand. Some things have to go before I’m too far gone.

“Mona Foma is one of those things. It’s been magical, but the spell has worn off.”

The final Mona Foma was held last week.

“Greatest gratitude to those who helped put it together. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me,” Walsh said.