Darwin Festival reopens under updated safety plan

Darwin Festival has reopened today following the NT’s three-day lockdown.

The Festival has updated its Covid safety plan for the mainly outdoor festival, with attendees now needing to wear their masks at all times inside Festival Park and remain seated while they’re eating or drinking.

“Miraculously, we have been able to reprogram almost all of the final performances across those final three days,” Darwin Festival artistic director Felix Preval told the ABC.

“Sadly, no more dancing, but Darwin, you danced well with the 11 days you had and we couldn’t be happier.

“Leave the singing to the artists, that’s our preference anyway.”

University of Queensland professor of medicine Paul Griffin said being an outdoor event made it easier to minimise risk of transmission.

“Risk is a spectrum and there are so many things that contribute,” he said.

“Certainly, going outdoors goes a very long way to reducing the risk especially if there are some good systems in place.”