CWT commits to reducing its carbon footprint

Travel management platform CWT has announced its commitment to significantly reduce its environmental footprint by signing the Science Based Targets Call to Action Standard Commitment Letter.

Science Based Targets are greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets that are consistent with the level of decarbonisation that is required to keep global temperature increase within 1.5ºC to 2ºC, compared to pre-industrial temperature levels.

“I am delighted to share that, as part of our commitment to defining bold actions to go further against climate change, we are working on building a robust program based on climate science, by setting Science Based Targets,” said Françoise Grumberg, CWT’s VP, Global Responsible Business and Diversity & Inclusion.

“We will be collaborating closely with our entire value chain on how to support each other in reaching our climate targets, further contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and work towards transitioning to a low-carbon economy.”