Curiious launches ‘plug and play’ metaverse solution for events

Curiious managing director Michelle Schuberg.

A new ‘plug and play’ metaverse platform has launched allowing businesses to engage audiences in the metaverse.

Australian tech innovator Curiious has launched its ‘off the shelf’ metaverse platform enabling brands to host a fully-immersive, 3D online world within hours.

“What any enterprise needs to know right now is that the metaverse is here,” said Curiious managing director Michelle Schuberg.

“Event organisers are one of the obvious sectors that have embraced the metaverse as Covid-19 made live events and travel impossible, but now we are seeing businesses prioritising the metaverse to engage and onboard their people or to build connections with customers via a branded, perpetual 3D world.”

Recent Accenture research found that 42 per cent of executives believe the metaverse will be ‘breakthrough or transformational’ and businesses are ‘racing towards a future that is very different to the one they were designed to operate in as technologies converge to reshape human experiences’.

“Our ‘plug and play’ metaverse is built with plugin architecture so our clients can be ready to launch with a customisable, branded event or training resource that engages their audiences via world-first immersive experiences within hours of purchase,” said Schuberg.

“This product’s rapid deployment will evolve our industry as it seamlessly integrates with an enterprise’s existing systems, giving organisers a true ‘plug and play’ interactive option that leverages existing content and materials while providing the tools to engage and delight their audiences no matter where they are in the physical world.”