Crystalbrook Collection partners with EarthCheck to deliver ‘responsible luxury’

Crystalbrook Collection has partnered with EarthCheck as part of an ongoing commitment to creating a more sustainable tourism industry.

“Responsible luxury, the ability to combine sustainability with luxury, is at the core of our business,” said Crystalbrook Collection CEO Geoff York.

“Every action and decision we make will impact our environment. That’s a big responsibility.

“This partnership will allow us to take a huge leap forward in enhancing sustainable stays, ensuring that every guest that stays with us can feel good knowing they are travelling with a lighter footprint.”

Existing sustainability initiatives at Crystalbrook Collection include operating a single-use plastic-free environment, sourcing at least 80 per cent of restaurant produce from within a three-hour drive of each hotel, implementing technology to create paperless user experiences, and using recycled upcycled materials.

“EarthCheck is excited to be working with the Crystalbrook Collection to support its long-term commitment to responsible luxury,” said EarthCheck founder and CEO Stewart Moore.

“In a post COVID environment, today’s travellers are seeking transformational experiences that are safe and sustainable.”