Crystalbrook Collection joins vaccination push with latest upgrade offer

Crystalbrook Vincent one of the hotels offering vaccinated guests upgrades.

In a bid to bring life back to the travel and hospitality industry, Crystalbrook Collection has launched a new offer across their portfolio of hotels and resorts to reward Australians who are doing their part in the race against Covid-19.

Crystalbrook Collection are now offering complimentary room upgrades to fully vaccinated guests who stay before 20 December 2021.

“The effects of ongoing lockdowns have been devastating to hotels, restaurants and bars and to the people that work within these industries,” said Crystalbrook Collection CEO Geoff York.

“Vaccination is the key to saving our industry. Offering an upgrade to guests who have vaccinated themselves against Covid-19 is a small gesture of thanks so that we can revive travel and hospitality.”

Crystalbrook Collection joins the likes of Qantas, Virgin Australia and Uber by implementing a vaccine incentive strategy in the hope to achieve open borders and quarantine free travel.

This offer is valid for new bookings made before 31st of October 2021, for stays before 20 December 2021.