Crystalbrook Collection CEO resigns

Mark Davie has resigned as CEO of Crystalbrook Collection to focus on new commitments in Newcastle.

Davie has led the hotel firm since it launched in 2016 with three Cairns developments worth a combined $370 million. The firm also has another 5-star hotel project in development in Newcastle.

Speaking to the Cairns Post, Davie said it was “time for me now to focus on my own interests”.

“It’s been a challenge I never expected would fall on my lap but I can look back on what we have achieved in a very small timeframe with great pride,” he said.

“Riley is now operating at 92 per cent occupancy and I feel confident that both Bailey and Flynn will be equally successful when they open.”

Current group director of hotels Geoff York has assumed the position of acting-CEO until further notice, according to a statement by the hotel group.

“The executive leadership team of Crystalbrook Collection will continue progressing with the company’s projects within the Australian hospitality and leisure industry,” the statement said.

“The company wishes to thank Mark for his contribution since the inception of the brand and wishes him the best in his future endeavours.”

Davie said he was leaving at time of strong occupancy at Cairns hotel Riley after what he conceded was a challenging start to the year.

“We are brand new and many of the bookings we now have are 12-24 months in advance,” he said.

“It’s this initial period of building up a customer base.”

Davie said the yet-to-open Bailey and Flynn hotels also had very strong bookings two years in advance.