Crown Resorts pushes staff vaccination amid talks to bar unvaccinated patrons

Crown Resorts is looking to mandate vaccinations for its staff and bar unvaccinated visitors across all three of its properties in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

Crown’s new chief Steve McCann says he is in discussions with both staff and governments across all three states.

“This is about protecting every Australian. We want to create a safe environment for people to come to work, and also for our guests to come to enjoy themselves,” he said in a statement.

“As such a significant hospitality employer in Australia with resorts that hosted over 30 million visits a year pre-COVID, we need to take measures to help keep people safe. That starts with our employees but also extends to our guests and the broader community.”

Currently more than half of Crown’s 20,000-plus employees nationally have been vaccinated, with a recent internal survey showing 63 per cent of its workers were in favour of mandatory vaccination.

Crown also wants to incentivise its unvaccinated staff to get the jab by giving them three hours of paid leave and one extra day of sick leave for each dose received. Those already jabbed would be given a $50 gift voucher.

“COVID-19 has devastated the hospitality industry, and that has been felt acutely by our people,” McCann said.

“Supporting the vaccination target rates set by governments is going to help our industry reopen, stay open and recover faster so we will play our part to help our industry get there.

“We will continue to explore ways to make it faster and easier for our people to come back to work.”