Councillor demands greater transparency over Caloundra Music Festival funding

Sunshine Coast Councillor Maria Suarez wants to see greater transparency around the funding of the Caloundra Music Festival which has run at a loss for 13 years.

Suarez said she was not against the council funding the festival but wanted see to see more detail around its finances.

“I’m not trying to kill the Caloundra Music Festival I’m just trying to get a more transparent understanding of how it’s operating and if that’s the correct model,” she told The Courier Mail.

Deputy Mayor Rick Baberowski did not object to further investigation of the festival but emphasised its importance to the region.

“I think if you remind yourself why we’re in that space, the social and cultural outcomes, that’s what we should really focus on,” he said.

“Articulating those are difficult but it doesn’t mean they’re less valuable. The event will be reviewed early next year when the council’s current funding arrangement expires.”

Suarez has called for the financial review of the festival scheduled for early 2022 be made public.