Committee for Sydney’s push to reboot events sector

Committee for Sydney has put forward a number of key priorities to help reboot Sydney’s hard-hit events sector.

Following consultation with representatives across the events and hospitality sectors, the paper calls for six key actions including a Covid cancellation insurance scheme; the removal of density limits; targeted payments and seed funding; creating a calendar of large scale events; improved targeting of economic stimulus; and addressing the labour shortage.

“The Sydney we know and love is roaring back, let’s make sure the city’s buzzing events scene is bang in the middle of that recovery,” said Matt Levinson, director corporate affairs at the Committee for Sydney.

“We’ve talked with big and small organisations that run events across Greater Sydney. They’re facing ongoing capacity constraints, with the high risk of cancellation due to Covid-19 outbreaks, weakened consumer confidence and the pressure of immediate payroll liabilities.

“This sector is vital to Sydney and the state’s medium and long-term social, cultural and economic prosperity. To get Sydney’s events booming again, organisers need support to take risks putting on events. Equally consumers need the confidence to attend events.”