‘Collaborate and unite for common purpose’ Julie King’s global tourism platform goes live

Bonailie founder Julie King announced a new partnership with ANTOR.

A new global travel, tourism and hospitality community platform founded by Julie King has gone live.

“Our aim for Bonailie is to bring purpose-led leaders and decision makers across all sectors of the global tourism industry together to collaborate and unite for common purpose, collectively share experiences and address industry challenges, to create a positive impact on the world and our industry,” said King.

“We have partnered with BoB Earth to co-create a sustainable future for tourism, introducing growth systems and the BoB IP which shifts businesses to 21st century thinking across every sector of tourism, travel and hospitality. This will allow these businesses and destinations to be ready to rebuild and prepare for growth in this new era.

“We will work collaboratively and through BoB Earth’s established relationships with global bodies, to support and elevate tourism industry challenges and allowing crucial conversations to take place to drive change.”

The Bonailie City Platform offers online educational programmes and webinars with currently over 40 pre-recorded Bonailie and BoB webinars and 10 podcasts to access.

Subscribers will have complimentary access to the annual Unite on Purpose Summit each November and there are 90 replay sessions available immediately, including talks from the United Nations and WTTC.

“When the global pandemic and recession hit, many industries had been hugely affected, travel and tourism being one of them.,” said Linzi Boyd, founder of BoB Earth.

“BoB Earth is a purpose-led platform that connects businesses all around the world to trade on purpose. BoB Earth is a platform for good that is here to build businesses and shift industries to make a positive change in the world.

“BoB Earth and Bonailie came together to make this happen, creating the first BoB Earth ‘city’ to unite the industry together. The Bonailie city is one that is leading the way for travel and tourism and is re-modelling the travel tourism industry to move it from 20th century thinking to 21st century thinking – uniting on purpose with Julie leading the way.”