cievents launches new program to deliver carbon-neutral meetings and events

Meetings and event management agency cievents has launched a carbon offset program aimed at delivering carbon-neutral meetings and events programs.

Through this program, cievent’s clients can now offset against domestic and trans tasman flights, accommodation, ground transfers, AV, food and beverage, and general conference requirements.

Clients can calculate, record and report CO2 emissions per meeting or event, and through cievent’s partnership with South Pole, a leading project developer and global climate action expert, can offset their carbon footprint against a range of global climate action and sustainability projects.

“While we all have an ongoing responsibility to help reduce the environmental impact of the meeting and events industry, at cievents we think that this responsibility needs to go further than reduce, reuse and recycle,” said Natalie Simmons, global general manager at cievents.

“That’s why we now offer our customers the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of their meetings and events against a global climate action project. This way, we will mitigate environmental impacts and improve lives in communities around the world.”

Simmons said the partnership with South Pole created opportunities for clients to really make a difference on a global scale.

“We have worked with South Pole to identify some amazing climate action projects that our customers can support,” she said.

“These projects range from providing clean water filters in Cambodia, helping bush regeneration programs with Traditional Landowners in Australia, investing in solar energy infrastructure in India, and rainforest conservation.

“Through supporting these climate action projects, our customers and their supply chain partners and employees can really feel proud of their role in mitigating environmental impact and improving lives in communities around the world.”