Christchurch Council wants NZ$2m to attract more events


Christchurch City Council is calling for another NZ$2 million annually to attract more major events to the city following last year’s opening of new convention centre Te Pae.

The city will also have two more venues opening soon with the Te Kaha stadium and Parakiore metro sports centre in construction and expected to open in 2026 and 2025 respectively.

Nigel Cox, Head of Recreation, Sports and Events at Christchurch City Council, said the NZ$2m would be spent on about 10 to 30 events each year.

“We’ve got a pipeline of what we want to bid for, but if we don’t win an event then we might change it and try and get something else,” he told Stuff.

“Certainly as we get this new infrastructure much closer and there’s greater certainty around it, we need to start bidding for and pitching for events.

“The important thing for us is if we get the money in this [council budget], then we know we can bid for future events knowing that we have the money and could pay for it, even though the event might only be coming in 25 or 26.”