Central Pier in Melbourne’s Docklands evacuated leaving venues in limbo

Diners at venues on Central Pier in Melbourne’s Docklands were given just 15 minutes to wolf down their food before being told to evacuate after engineers found it was unsafe for use.

Development Victoria said it received advice from an engineering firm on Wednesday that there had been rapid deterioration in the structure despite all efforts to stabilise the pier.

A number of venues including restaurants, a pub, cocktail bar and venue space run by Atlantic Group are located on the pier leaving some planned events in limbo.

“It was deteriorating faster than they had anticipated,” Development Victoria chief executive Angela Skandarajah told the ABC.

“They haven’t collapsed as yet but there’s a potential issue there.”

Deakin University’s Commerce ball was to be held at a venue on the pier on Wednesday night but was moved to another location.

Skandarajah said the pier would remain closed for at least a month but it was “too early” to know if pier can be saved.

“Let’s wait for the advice to inform whatever decisions need to be made,” she said.