CCH’s Heike Mahmoud receives 2019 JMIC Profile and Power Award

Heike Mahmoud, COO of Congress Centre Hamburg (CCH), has been named the winner of the Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC) Profile and Power Award for 2019.

“This year’s Award is a bit different from previous ones in that it focuses on the critical need we have for prominent and respected individuals to act as attractions for others considering careers in our sector,” said JMIC President Kai Hattendorf.

“Heike has had a highly successful and visible career in several areas of the industry, first as a PCO, subsequently as head of the Berlin Convention Office and now as COO of a major convention facility.

“In these accomplishments, through which she was recognized as one of the industry’s 25 most influential women world-wide in 2015, she has not only acted to advance a positive image for the industry overall but demonstrated the kind of leadership that illustrates the key roles women can and are playing in the top ranks of the industry, which is in itself an inspiring message to aspiring future industry participants.”