Cancellation crisis for events over Omicron surge despite no lockdown

Events in Victoria are facing another crisis as the Omicron wave surges through the state with three quarters of live events fearing being cancelled of postponed in the near future, according to the latest survey by Save Victoria Events.

However, the state’s Covid insurance scheme will only pay out under lockdown conditions, meaning those events currently affected are unlikely to qualify for any compensation.

The survey found nearly half (48 per cent) of event organisers expect to cancel an event by the end of February, while 28 per cent believe they will need to postpone.

Events are facing a triple whammy of public concern over attending events, new density limits for many venues and staffing shortages.

But the government backed insurance scheme only kicks in if there is a state or federal mandated lockdown.

“There is really no effective difference between a strong government health recommendation [to stay home] and a formal restriction,” a Save Victorian Events spokesperson told Business Insider.

To date 137 policies have been approved with a combined value of $87 million, but only 11 policy holders are able to qualify for a payout with a cumulative value of $541,000, according to a report in The Age.