Call for all large public events to be banned until vaccination rates increase

A leading adviser to the World Health Organisation has criticised politicians for playing both sides when it came to the pandemic and swinging from no restrictions when cases were low straight to lockdowns when they started to rise.

Professor Dale Fisher, an infectious diseases expert at the National University of Singapore and chair of WHO’s Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, said the constant flip flopping by politicians “must be doing everyone’s head in”.

“The imminent catastrophe is shut businesses, cancel everything, five reasons to leave home,” he told WAToday.

“And then you’ve got, there’s no pandemic, which is social distancing is not so important, QR codes are if you feel like it. Sure, 30,000 to 50,000 people at a football match all yelling, that’s okay because ‘there’s no COVID around’.”

The Carlton-Geelong clash at the MCG and a rugby game between Australia and France at AAMI Park have both been linked to cases.

Professor Fisher said all large public gatherings need to be banned until the end of pandemic or until the vaccination rates have increased.

He also called for masks to be mandatory for all indoor settings outside the home at all times.