Business travellers prioritise hotels delivering ‘office away from office’ experience


Business travellers are increasingly prioritising value, and booking hotels not only for comfort, but also for productivity and well-being amenities.

The findings come from a new survey commissioned by Corporate Traveller, which found hotels that provide an ‘office away from the office’ experience, alongside facilities conducive to health and relaxation, will be favoured in the current climate of rising costs for airfares and hotel accommodation.

Australian hotel room rates averaged $250 in 2023, a 5.8 per cent rise from 2022 and are predicted to increase by three per cent in 2024.

Corporate Traveller found that most respondents are looking for accommodation that offers business amenities and rooms equipped to serve as efficient workspaces within the hotel’s standard rate.

Three quarters (73%) want free and fast wi-fi and 41 per cent want free printing facilities, while 35 per cent of respondents want larger or better-equipped workspaces in their hotel room including phone chargers and charging banks, and 37 per cent want more electrical outlets and USB ports.

The survey indicates a strong preference for in-room office amenities over communal business centres or separate meeting rooms, indicating that guests travelling for business value the ability to work privately within their hotel room.

Just 21 per cent of respondents want on-site co-working spaces or offices, only 18 per cent said they would seek a separate meeting room, and 13 per cent want the hotel to extend its concierge services to organising business meetings, transport, and dining options.

Corporate Traveller’s research underscores the importance for hotels to enhance their breakfast offerings with health-conscious options, as a significant 44 per cent deemed it essential. Additionally, one in four respondents (25%) expressed a preference for hotels that include comprehensive, well-equipped fitness facilities. The study also revealed that over a third (36%) of business travellers seek amenities that facilitate relaxation outside of their hotel rooms.

“Our survey reveals that business travellers are looking for accommodations that surpass the basics of comfort and dining,” said Tom Walley, Corporate Traveller’s global managing director.

“There’s a discernible shift towards hotels serving as auxiliary workplaces, a trend fuelled by the growing demand for spaces where guests can focus and work in private.”