Business travel surges 41% with Sydney still the number one destination

business travel

Sydney has retained the top spot for business travel domestically, followed by Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Port Headland and Adelaide.

According to Flight Centre’s corpotate travel division FCM, Port Moresby is the most booked internationally, before Auckland, Singapore and London.

“We’re beyond saying that travel is simply ‘back’ now, with business travel surviving, and now clearly thriving with multiple industries dramatically increasing their booking numbers versus the same nine months last year,” said Melissa Elf, FCM’s global COO.

“What we can see from our new data is there’s no part of Australia that’s untouched by the need or requirement of business travel. Whether it be a mining site in WA, an event or conference in Sydney, education in Melbourne, or the need to visit a construction site in Queensland – the appetite for travel is unquestionably there.

“It’s no coincidence that the uplift in numbers has coincided with the returning capacity from the Chinese carriers. We’ve long been advocates of more airlines, to more destinations, offering more choice – this is a good example of the positive impact it has when this comes to fruition.”

The sectors leading the charge for the most bookings are Mining/Oil/Gas and Government/NFP, with a 46 per cent and 63 per cent increase respectively. Education-related travel rose the ranks to fifth position with 104 per cent growth in travel in 2023 to date compared with the previous year.