Brisbane to host the Australian Tourism Exchange in 2025

(L-R) Patricia O’Callaghan (TEQ), Phillipa Harrison (TA) and Anthony Ryan (BEDA).

Brisbane will host the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) in 2025 marking its return after an 18 year absence.

To be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from April 28 to May 1, ATE25 will be delivered by Tourism Australia in partnership with Tourism Events Queensland and the Brisbane Economic Development Agency.

“The long-term benefits from ATE are substantial,” said Patricia O’Callaghan, Tourism and Events Queensland’s CEO.

“The relationships and future business it establishes will help us build to our goal of reaching $44 billion by 2032 in overnight visitor expenditure.”

Federal Tourism Minister Don Farrell said the event will be an important part of the lead up to the 2032 Olympic Games.

“With Queensland gearing up to host the Olympics in 2032, it’s terrific to see ATE returning to Brisbane next year, connecting international buyers and local businesses to take advantage of the green and gold decade,” he said.

“Queensland is home to some of the most beautiful and authentic Australian experiences and will be an excellent host for ATE in 2025.”

Brisbane had also previously hosted the event in 2001, 2002 and 2007.

Tourism Australia managing director Phillipa Harrison said the tourism industry will be back at full speed by next year.

“By the time ATE returns to Brisbane next year, we expect that the Australian tourism industry would have surpassed the 2019 numbers we have been using as a benchmark and will once again be firmly focused on the future,” she said.