Brisbane tech conference partners with YouTube to deliver ‘Virtual Expo’

The organisers behind a Brisbane technology conference have partnered with YouTube to stream their conference live, with attendees able to visit exhibitor booths using Virtual Reality.

More than 4000 people were expected to attend the conference next Tuesday and Wednesday before the shutdown. QODE Brisbane then decided to team up with the world leading video site to take the event to a global stage. QODE also teamed up with Brisbane-based VR company Visitor Vision to offer a new way for people to view the conference exhibits.

“One of the key reasons people attend conferences is to visit the exhibitor booths to gain further insight into the products and information available, and for those exhibiting, it’s a really important way to access that market,” said chief QODE officer Jackie Taranto.

“We wanted to ensure attendees could still have that experience, and now they can. Using Virtual Reality, they can walk through the exhibitor booths as though they’re at the convention centre and can even jump on a call to chat with the exhibitor as they would face-to-face.”

Innovation Minister Kate Jones said moving the event online was in the best interests of all Queenslanders.

“No one can think outside the box quite like an entrepreneur or a small business person,” she said.

“The organisers of QODE have been clear – the show must go on. Or in this case, go online. In the true spirit of this event, rather than cancelling the festival, they’re taking the entire program online.

“This festival is about showcasing our best and brightest to the world. What better way to achieve that, than by sending the world a message – we have the resilience and the brains to keep this show on the road.”