Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre appoints first sustainability manager

BCEC has appointed Saffron Benner as the venue’s inaugural Sustainability & Community Engagement Advisor.

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) has appointed Saffron Benner as the venue’s inaugural Sustainability & Community Engagement Advisor.

Benner was previously sustainable development goals manager for Griffith University.

BCEC general manager Kym Guesdon said the newly created role builds on BCEC’s existing EarthCheck platinum accreditation, which ensures the Centre operates at the highest international environmental standards.

“BCEC’s aim is to integrate the goals across all operational practices, supporting our long-held commitment to working with our partners, the community and our staff to ensure our actions have positive social and environmental outcomes,” she said. “This is an imperative for us going forward.”

Benner will focus on the environmental and social impact areas of sustainability within the organisation, working to promote all the initiatives that BCEC has implemented to reduce its environmental footprint.

“It needs to be a strategy that provides a road map for the next five to 10 years to guide us and build on the strong body of work already carried out by the BCEC team in the environmental space,” Benner said.

“We’re very proud of the achievements we’ve already accomplished at BCEC, but the challenges we all face in the future are significant. Having a dedicated role for sustainability allows the venue to continue to have an impact, but also provides the support required to increase our ambitions through collaboration to make the differences we need.”

Since taking on the role, Benner has visited every department in the venue to meet with managers and staff members.

“Sustainability is relevant to every aspect of every organisation,” she said. “There is really no job, from cleaner to accountant to CEO, that isn’t impacted by, or important to, sustainability in some way. I need to understand how the whole of an organisation functions as an ecosystem.”