Boom in tourism jobs as one in 13 Aussies now employed in the sector

Tourism jobs have grown by more than a third in the past decade, to become a greater employer than the transport sector and wholesale industry.

The 34 per cent increase in employment to almost 1 million people underlines the sector’s growing importance to the economy, with tourist spending also growing for the ninth year in a row to reach $143 billion a year, a $50 billion increase in the past 10 years.

The tourism sector is now close to overtaking the manufacturing sector in terms of total jobs created, according to new figures from Austrade.

Tasmania’s tourism boom has added over 10,000 jobs directly and indirectly in the past six years.

But Tourism Industry Council Tasmania chief executive Luke Martin said he wants to see more locals catch the employment wave.

“Nothing frustrates me more than when I go to somewhere like Cradle Mountain these days and struggle to hear an Australian accent working at some of the accommodation operators because of the seasonal fly-in labour,” Martin told the Mercury.

“Our challenge is to provide the career pathways and cultural support to encourage and support more Tasmanians into the tourism sector.”