Bonza launches new service between Darwin and Sunshine Coast


Bonza has launched its new direct service from the Sunshine Coast to Darwin last night, marking the start of three new Bonza routes to the Northern Territory.

The NT Government’s Territory Aviation Attraction Scheme has been instrumental in securing Bonza’s new routes including the Melbourne to Alice Springs service set to start on December 12.

“The arrival of Bonza is fantastic for the Territory’s tourism and hospitality industry as well as a win win for Territorians,” said Tourism Minister for Tourism Joel Bowden.

“We’re thrilled to see Bonza land in the Northern Territory this week. These new Bonza routes from the Sunshine Coast to Darwin, Gold Coast to Darwin and Melbourne to Alice Springs will not only boost visitor numbers as we head towards our peak tourism season, but also give Territorians more choice and connectivity.”

Bonza chief executive Tim Jordan said the latest service is about “offering more choice”.