BESydney launches new planning portal for smaller events


Business Events Sydney (BESydney) has launched a new event planning portal to support event organisers to access tools, resources and funding to host their business event in Sydney.

The portal is designed to be of benefit to smaller events which may not have an events team behind it, and it provides access to the Sydney Meeting Fund which supports business events with between 100-500 participants or delegates.

The new events planning portal is personalised by event sector with resources and content tailored to event sector requirements. Users are also able to create custom supplier lists based on unique event preferences. It supports all stages of the event planning process including researching, pitching, planning, budgeting and marketing the event, all in one place.

“We are continuing our digital transformation journey to provide efficiencies and tailoring our service to specific customer needs with our new event planning portal,” BESydney CEO Lyn Lewis-Smith said.

“The portal provides insights on event considerations including delivering a socially impactful event or checklists for inclusivity and accessibility, as well as ideas for venues, entertainment, and speakers in Sydney. We want to support conference, meeting and event owners pitch, win, plan and promote business events in Sydney.”