BECA’s new appointment to help in coronavirus recovery strategy

BECA chair Dr Vanessa Findlay.

The Business Events Council of Australia (BECA) has appointed Dr Vanessa Findlay as its new Independent Chair, as it develops a recovery strategy from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently a partner at Brickfielder Government Engagement and a Service Partner at Council House, Dr Findlay has previously held a number of senior positions including Chief of Staff in the Turnbull Government in the trade, tourism and international education portfolios.

‘’With this role comes a high level of responsibility to ensure the business events sector can maximise its contribution to the Australian economy,” said Findlay.

“This is a particularly acute issue at the moment, with the effects of the bushfires and now COVID-19. While it’s incredibly difficult to predict the full impacts of the virus, we are already operating outside of a business as usual scenario.

“The sector has commenced working on a recovery strategy drawing on experience in responding to SARS, MERS and September 11. Our partnerships with State, Territory and Federal Governments are going to be central to the business events sector being able to most effectively support the recovery of the economy. This will be the primary focus of BECA in the weeks and months ahead.”