Ban on gatherings over 10 people as coronavirus restrictions extended

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced another wave of social restrictions essentially banning gatherings over 10 people in an effort to stall the spread of coronavirus.

“We don’t want to be overly specific about that; we want Australians to exercise their common sense,” Morrison said.

“Going out for the basics, going out for exercise, perhaps with your partner or family members provided it’s a small group — that’s fine.

“Barbecues of lots of friends or even extended family coming together to celebrate one-year-old birthday parties and all these sorts of things — we can’t do those things now.

“If you’re gathering together in a group, say 10 people, outside together in a group, that’s not ok.”

The Prime Minister also warned the states and territories were considering whether to make it an offence to a host a house party.

“You should only go outside your home to go to those essential things I talked about, not to go and congregate in groups,” he said.

“If we do all these things then we are going to be able to put greater pressure on slowing the rate of the spread of this virus.”

The Prime Minister also announced Australians would be banned from travelling overseas except under exceptional circumstances.