Ballarat to host the Australian Regional Tourism Convention

Ballarat will host the 2021 Australian Regional Tourism (ART) Convention on October 11-13.

“The City of Ballarat and our tourism partners are leaders in regional tourism and we relish the opportunity to show the great work being done in our region to inspire other tourism providers,” City of Ballarat Mayor Daniel Moloney said.

The ART Convention’s theme this year is “A Robust Visitor Economy – navigating our new future”.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions surrounding in person events, Ballarat was unable to host the convention in 2020, with the event being held virtually.

“We are thrilled to announce the 2021 Convention will be happening in person this year in Victoria,” said Coralie Bell, ART’s Chair.

“After the year we have all experienced, it’s time to come together in person and feel connected.

“The City of Ballarat is going through rapid growth and delivers amazing visitor experiences and are committed to growing visitation to their region, providing an ideal location for a vibrant and inspiring convention.”

Australian Regional Tourism will soon be calling for expressions of interest for presenters and will be putting forward a famil program to showcase the Ballarat region.