Aventri launches streamlined event platform Express Events

Event management software (EMS) company Aventri has launched Express Events to streamline setup and delivery of simple, straightforward events.

The solution enables organisations to handle their entire portfolio of events, from small virtual trainings to large hybrid conferences and in-person trade shows, on one platform.

“Some of our clients report events with less complex requirements comprise up to 75 per cent of their meetings portfolio,” said Jim Sharpe, CEO at Aventri.

“With today’s smaller teams of events specialists, the task of handling this vital segment often falls on infrequent planners, whose main job function isn’t event planning.

“The breadth of decisions event planners make for their marquee events can be overwhelming. That doesn’t need to be the case for the entire event calendar. We’ve created a suite of easy-to-use tools built for the enterprise event planner, making event setup easier than ever.”

Aventri found that during the pandemic, planning groups were downsized. Now, events are coming back and trending smaller. Many of these straightforward gatherings are planned by staff members outside the central events department, who do not have experience with EMS platforms or only use them occasionally.

“Infrequent planners often use manual methods or ad-hoc planning tools, instead of a central EMS platform,” said Steve Yellen, vice president of product strategy at Aventri.

“As a result, data gets scattered across the enterprise.

“Express Events enables organisations to aggregate data from events of all sizes in one system. Companies get a comprehensive view of their meeting spend and return on investment.”