Aventri launches new streaming tool for hybrid events

More than 80 per cent of planners believe virtual components will be added to all future in-person events, according to the latest research by Aventri.

To service this demand Aventri has developed a native streaming tool that enables organisers to easily add a virtual component to any event.

“When COVID-19 hit, we knew that as an industry leader we needed to provide support to our clients and come up with a solution to allow them to continue to host events through Aventri,” said Shane Edmonds, CTO at Aventri.

“The Aventri Virtual Event Platform gives clients the ability to continue to host their meetings and events in a platform they are already familiar with, that houses their event data and meets their company’s security standards.”

The Aventri product and development teams consulted with nearly 150 Aventri clients to ensure the Virtual Platform addresses use cases based on different event sizes, yearly event volume and widely varied event formats.

“When it came to finding a solution to help planners with their virtual event needs, we knew that we wanted our customers to be a part of the process,” said Aventri senior product manager Christina Ference.

“When surveying our customers, it was clear that virtual is an immediate need for them, but they also needed a product that could support them when live events come back into the picture. Building the Aventri Virtual Event Solution directly into the core product gives our clients the flexibility to change their event environment at a moment’s notice, but still keep all the essential data collected.”