Australian travel tech firm Kudos expands its platform with Amadeus

Brisbane-based technology company Kudos Travel Technology has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with global travel technology company Amadeus.

In collaboration with Amadeus, Kudos has released a new innovative passport scanning feature within its platform that enables passport documents to be uploaded, validated and synchronized to booking tools, global distribution systems, such as the Amadeus Travel Platform, and other third party systems in a matter of seconds.

The passport feature will not only address the issue of data accuracy in the corporate travel space, but also provide additional levels of efficiency for travel management companies and their clients.

Kudos has also started piloting its new natural language application ‘Zeus’ after recently winning the ITMC Summit 2019 “Shark Tank” for best innovation in corporate travel technology. Using machine learning, Zeus creates unique conversational experiences through the Kudos platform providing quicker access to profile information, real-time alerts, traveller movements and even in-flight checks.

“Zeus enables us to provide faster access to data for travellers and travel arrangers and it’s also a massive time-saver for travel consultants,” said Phil Rasmussen, managing director at Kudos Travel Technology.

“Natural language, in particular voice, is the next frontier in human-computer interaction and we’re leveraging that within our platform to simplify the customer experience. Why should users click through a multitude of screens when they can get all the information they need through simple conversation.

“Our future developments include integration with Amadeus Offers, enabling travellers and travel arrangers to generate quotes for air and hotel content without travel consultant involvement. Our customers can expect an increased scope of integrated solutions, functionality and usability.”

Justin Montgomery, Amadeus’ general manager in Australia, said the corporate travel space is ripe for disruption.

“In particular, for solutions that disrupt the need for travellers to share and update personal information in a safe and secure way at every stage of the trip,” he said.

“We’re inspired by Kudos’ vision to create a platform that offers a single, seamless experience for travellers and travel managers. Our longstanding partnership in Asia Pacific will enable them to push the boundaries and deliver this innovation to the market.”